On the basis of the provisions of the Law on Higher Education of Kosova, the title
‘university’ may be granted under the provisions of the Law only to an accredited provider of higher education with:
-    a research program that includes Doctorates;
-    an independently audited enrolment of at least 3000 full-time-equivalent students; and
-    courses or programs in at least five different subject groups as prescribed in administrative instructions issued by the Ministry.

Regarding the above mentioned requirements of the Law on Higher Education of
1.  The “European College Dukagjini” began its work in October 2006, and immediately  enrolled  more  than  600  students  in  one  academic  year
(2006/2007). Based on this significant demand, expectations are that this
University could, in one five-year cycle of studies, have at least 4000 to
5000 students.
2.  With the aim of further developing its programs and out of respect for the Law on Higher Education in Kosova, this institution immediately began to develop programs of study and curricula in more than five different subject groups.
3.  With the goal of developing a stable and long-term research program, the institution   established  an  Office  for  Management  of  Research  and International Affairs, by employing an eminent professional in the field of higher education research from the U.S., Dr. Mark Bryant.
We are fully aware that at the moment we do not currently fullfill all requirements to use the name University due to the fact that we are an institution that is still in its  early  stages  of  its   foundation,  and  in  all  official  documents,  until  the requirements of the Law are fullfiled, we will remove the word “University”, until permitted to use it by the Ministry of Education.

Based on Licence No. 594/02-1 from 09.05.2007, we were established with the name European Vision University “EVU” that included the following faculties with seven main departments:
a. Faculty of Economy
1.  Department of Banking, Finance and Accounting
2.  Department of Management and Informatics
3.  Department of Business Administration
4.  Department of Applied Informatics b. Faculty of Law
5.  Department of  General Law
6.  Department of International Affairs c. Faculty of Biotechnology
7.  Department: of Food Biotechnology

From the Academic Year 2009/2010 we temporarily merged with the College Iliria in Prishtina, as the Peja Branch, and we were Accredited for the following Programs:

Academic Year 2009/2010 – Accredited Programs
1.  Management and Informatics (BSc)
2.  Applied Informatics (BSc)

Academic Year 2010/2011 – Accredited Programs
1.  Management and Informatics (BSc)
2.  Applied Informatics (BSc)
3.  Banking, Finance and Accounting (BSc)

We  have  prepared  the  necessary  conditions  for  the  accreditation  of  other programs ex-ante such as:
1.  Agroprocessing of Food (BSc and Master)
2.  Political Sciences, Media and Diplomacy (BSc and Master)
3.  Management and Informatics (MSc)
4.  Applied Informatics (MSc)
5.  Banking, Finance and Accounting (MSc)
6.  Law (BSc and MSc)

The “European College Dukagjini” has agreements  with, and has developed successful  co-operation with, several universities in Europe, and in the region such as: the University of Vaxjo (Sweden), University of Malmo (Sweden), Celal Bayar University in Manisa (Turkey), University of Zenica, University in Travnik (Bosnia and Herzegovina),    Tennessee Independent  Colleges and Universities Association  (TICUA),  University  in  Tetova  (FYROM),  University  in  Elbasan (Albania) etc.